Dependable Petroleum Service has over 20 years of experience involving the installation and removal of underground and aboveground storage tanks (USTs & ASTs), servicing Boston, the North and South Shores, and Cape Cod and the Islands.

Located in Plymouth, Massachusetts, Dependable Petroleum is equipped with a staff of professionals trained in providing timely and cost-effective pump and tank services for the petroleum industry. Our service technicians have the knowledge and experience to take the stress out of your pump and tank needs and will provide prompt, professional service 24 hours a day 365 days a year to any service problem you are experiencing.

With increased attention being paid to regulatory requirements, the maintenance, repair and replacement of USTs will continue to remain a top priority. Dependable Petroleum is capable of providing general to specialized UST construction and maintenance services to keep owners in compliance with both local and state regulations.

Our staff of certified Class A, B & A/B Operators is able to provide operator training, AB services & training to class "C" Operators as mandated through the Mass Dep. Regulations

Dependable Petroleum's trained technicians have been providing Stage II Vapor Recovery Testing services for over 14 years, along with Tank monitor, Leak detection and Line tightness testing. Service station owners are required to have the relevant equipment tested periodically to ensure they are in compliance with regulatory requirements. With the changes in MassDEP compliance testing, Dependable Service is also trained in performing Decommissioning of Stage II vapor systems, Stage I compliance testing, Overfill Protection testing, Cathodic Protection testing, Spill Bucket and Containment Sump testing

Dependable Petroleum Service is familiar with the new requirements and will be able help you with the changes in a cost effective way. Call or email Sherry at 508-747-6238 or if you have any questions or if you would like to receive a quote to perform the decommissioning work

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Dependable Petroleum Service
Installation and removal of underground and aboveground storage tanks (USTs & ASTs)

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